A modern take on adjustable bicycle geometry

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On Trail Adjust

We did most of the heavy lifting for you so you can just use the normal tools you carry when riding, no socjet wrench or bushing extractor will be needed once our products are installed. The operation can be performed within minutes on the trail side.


Milimetrical Fitting

A lot of riders are on bikes with an incorrect fitting, or want to modify some aspect of their current frames so they can get the most of their favorite trails.

Flipbycicles ofers quality ooffset bushings and headsets for some of the most popular mountainbike frames. We have prepared packs that will allow you to independently slacken your head angle,lower bottom bracket and increase the reach.


Abuse Proven

Offset bushings and headsets are often regarded as troublesome. However our product packs include all the tooling and quality greasse to ensure a session of troubleble-free riding session. They are little bit pricey but less time in the workshop more in the trails sound good for us.

Of course if you are a tool maniac we also love you and we sell every component on its own.

Trail side independent geometry adjust
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Contact Us

We are still developing our dealership network so if you are interested in distribute, sell or you just want to buy our products please email us.

Also if you are interesting in work with us we want to hear from you

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